Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Isis Seichim Reiki! You are about to re-connect to your ancient Egyptian, Lemurian, and Atlantean Masters, and expand your acension process.

    • Welcome!

  • 02

    Introduction to Seichim Reiki- Seichim (say-sheem) comes from the Egyptian word Sekhem, or Power of Powers. It is an energetic “translation” of the Ancient Egyptian systems of magic, healing, and spirituality for the modern world.

    • Introduction

  • 03

    The Practice of Seichim Reiki- Seichim Reiki works primarily with the Golden Ray of Divine Love, and the Egyptian Seichim Masters. It is a system of ascension, as much as a healing modality.

    • Practicing Seichem Reiki

  • 04

    The Symbols of Seichim Reiki- There are Divine Guides for everything, and Seichim Reiki and all of the symbols and practices included here will help you connect more powerfully with your Guides in very real, telepathic ways.

    • Using the Symbols

  • 05

    Seichim Attunements- A collection of Seichim symbols help to focus and amplify the energy being used, as well as introduce higher Spiritual Truth. It is meant to be learned in one class, with one attunement for all three levels

    • The Attunement Process